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2014 Financial System Inquiry

The 2014 Financial System Inquiry was annouced by the Treasurer, the Hon. Joe Hockey MP, on 20 November 2014. The Inquiry's Final Report was released on 7 December 2014 and the Inquiry has concluded. For more information please visit the 2014 Financial System Inquiry website.

Financial System Inquiry

Instructions to persons making submissions

Thank you for your enquiry about the Financial Systems Inquiry. The following instructions have been prepared to provide general information about how the Inquiry will handle submissions. Please read them carefully.

Availability of Submissions

The Inquiry intends wherever possible to treat submissions as public, and intends to make major submissions available for public perusal and comment, e.g. via the Inquiry's Internet site: You should therefore clearly indicate whether your submission or any part of it should be treated as confidential. In the absence of any such indication, the Inquiry will treat the submission as public, and may quote or publish the whole or any part of it, including in reports or papers produced by the Inquiry.

Copies of Submissions

The Inquiry intends to make copies of public submissions available on the Internet, to provide a list of public submissions on request, and to direct people wanting copies of submissions to make those requests directly to those who made the relevant submission. It would therefore greatly assist the Inquiry if you could put in place arrangements to make hard copies of your submission available to interested parties requesting them, and indicate clearly on your submission the name and contact details of a person who can respond to requests either from the Inquiry or the public about your submission.

Form of Submissions

The due date for submissions is Monday 9 September 1996. Where possible, 2 copies of submissions should be provided in hard copy, accompanied by an electronic copy on 3 1/2" floppy disk in Microsoft Word format, or alternatively in any Rich Text format, to:

The Secretary
Financial System Inquiry
Treasury Building
Parkes Place
Parkes ACT 2600

Telephone: (06) 263 2893
Fax: (06) 263 2898
Alternatively, submissions in electronic form can be mailed to the Financial System Inquiry Internet address ( Where an electronic copy cannot be provided, submissions should avoid the use of tables and diagrams, to facilitate their being scanned and made available in electronic format.

If your submission is lengthy (eg over 5 pages), you should include an Executive Summary of the key points. Your submission should also clearly indicate a contact person and contact details.

Inquiry Procedures

Subject to time constraints and having regard to its wide terms of reference, the Inquiry is committed to consulting as broadly and comprehensively as is possible and appropriate. Where the Inquiry considers it would assist, it is envisaged that meetings may be held later in the year to enable persons to expand on their submissions or to enable questions to be asked by Inquiry members.


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