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2014 Financial System Inquiry

The 2014 Financial System Inquiry was annouced by the Treasurer, the Hon. Joe Hockey MP, on 20 November 2014. The Inquiry's Final Report was released on 7 December 2014 and the Inquiry has concluded. For more information please visit the 2014 Financial System Inquiry website.

Circular No: 1
10 September 1996


Submissions received

As at 10 September 1996 the Financial System Inquiry has received a total of 190 submissions. Those that are public are listed at Attachment A.

Copies of Submissions

Copies of the public submissions may be obtained as follows:

  1. Those public submissions that have been provided in electronic form will be progressively made available for downloading from the Inquiry's Internet Homepage. The address is
  2. If you wish to purchase a hard copy of the public part of any submission, please complete the attached order form (Attachment B) and forward it with payment to the Expo Document Copy Centre. Details of cost and the address of the Copy Centre appear on the form.
  3. You may also request a copy from the person who made the submission. Contact details for those who have indicated that they can provide copies appear on the list at Attachment A.

Apart from these methods, the Inquiry will not be making copies available.

Discussion Paper and Hearings

The Inquiry plans to issue a Discussion Paper outlining the key issues by 30 November 1996. Following the release of the Discussion Paper, the Inquiry intends to hold public hearings to provide an opportunity, where necessary, for those making written submissions to the Inquiry to provide supplementary information or respond to questions from the Inquiry.

Final Report

The Final Report of the Inquiry is due to be provided to the Treasurer by 31 March 1997.

For further information, please contact the Inquiry Secretariat on (06) 263 2707 or 263 2893.



Attachment A - Submission List - RTF

Attachment B - Submission Order Form - RTF


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